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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Why have education when you can have war?

National Priorities Project just broken down the cost of the Iraq war as it pertains to Minnesota taxpayers. Apparently, the proposed budget of war will cost our state at least 3.1 billion dollars!

As National Priorities points out:

By comparison, Minnesota will recieve from federal aid $659.3 million for the No Child Left Behind Act, $182.4 million for Environmental Protection Agency programs, and $205.8 million in Community Development Block Grant programs over the same three-year period.

Thanks to The Center for American Progress including a link to this info on their email newsletter.

I guess this answers questions as to why President Bush has severely underfunded NCLB and nearly every other bill he has passed.

As for Minnesota, many schools are struggling to meet all the NCLB requirements. Whether it is due to the minimal funding or ridiculous standards, you know there are serious problems when the Minneapolis interm-Superintendent David Jennings states, "I think it's the single worst piece of federal legislation written in my adult lifetime."

I think it is time that we, as a nation, decided what our priorities are.


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Thankfully THAT is over!

I am finally finished being a full-time student. The Spring 2004 semester was my last full load schedule class session. I only need 3-credits outside my major (Public Relations/Advertising) and a passing grade on the Spanish Proficiency Test.

Now that ALL THAT is over, I can devote more time to writing about politics. Hooray!

As you may have noticed, my template format has changed. I am working out all the kinks right now, and will be personalizing it a little more.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope that you will enjoy any future posts.