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Sunday, September 05, 2004

An Anger One Cannot Properly Express...

I am sorry I have not posted in so long.

To start off... I feel very sorry for all the residents of Florida. Yet another hurricane (Ivan) is on its way. I hope the state is able to recover from all this mess. As if they didn't have enough to worry about with the upcoming election and the electronic voting machines.

As for our Commander-in-Failure, it is now open season. I can't wait to see all the flood gates open with a whole slew of new books coming out. Kelley. Hersh. Graham.

I really can't believe so many people do not know anything about Bush's rumored abortion, cocaine use, DUI's, etc. I was speaking to a friend today, who pretty well represents the uniformed voter who doesn't pay attention to politics, that had never heard about any of our current President's crazy past exploits.

I sometimes forget how little people know about what is happening in the world around them.

At first when I heard about Kelley's book, which will be considered a pretty trashy tabloid-esque depiction of the President's family, I was scared. I worried that it was this type of rumor-based journalism would hurt John Kerry and his hopes in the election. But after speaking with my un-informed friend... I realized that the more rumors about Bush that get out there, the better. It seems to be the only way of getting the media's attention. After the RNC Hatefest, featuring Zell Miller, and the Swift Boat Vets ads... everything is game.

I was surprised to see that the Star Tribune ran this AP story about Bush's military records. It is actually quite good, (although it doesn't quite point out the differences between criticism of Kerry's record vs. Bush's record).

I have seen lots of different blogs commenting on Bush's poll numbers lately. It seems that he has gotten a significant bounce from the convention and is beating Kerry by about 4 points. I really don't see what this has to do with anything. First of all, it is normal for a candidate to get a bounce after the conventions. Secondly, as we have seen in the past... the public falls for Bush's speechs everytime. He is one of the worst public speakers I have ever seen, but it never seems to hurt him.

So to summerize why the polls don't concern me right now... because Bush is running on a platform of Kerry can't fight the war on terror. The problem he faces is proving he has, in any way, been successful in that same fight.

We have a very successful question to combat the GOP.

"What hasn't George W. Bush screwed up while in office, and why should we give him another chance?"