Minnesota Liberal

Thursday, March 25, 2004

One nation... INDIVISIBLE... with liberty and justice for ALL

On Monday, March 22nd, a hoard of hateful bigots stormed the Minnesota state capital. Filled with fear, this mob demanded that our state write discrimination into the constitution. It was a sad day in this state's history.

Led by the Minnesota Family Counsel (check out their webpage- words cannot describe how appalling it is), thousands of "Christians" swarmed lawmakers offices, demanded a ban of gay marriage/civil unions in the constitution, threatened the unseating of lawmakers that disagreed with them, and prayed that homosexuals would be damned to hell.

I don't think I have ever wished anyone be sent to hell.

It has been described by many capital staff members as the ugliest example of blind hatred in they have ever seen.

The governor of our state even made an appearance. Did he lambast this terrible mob. No. Did he ask them to please respect the right of others to live free lives. No. Instead, Gov. Tim Pawlenty supported them. He encouraged them. From his bully pulpit, he led them.

I sometimes wonder what these people really think about the GLBT community. About people such as myself. I know that I rarely ever publicly express the true anger I feel about Bush. So if I have only seen a small piece of their rage, how far would they take their animosity if they could.

It nearly put me in tears, seeing images of large crowds holding signs demanding the defense of "the sanctity of marriage."

But today, I was uplifted by the rallying of the GLBT community (including gay supportive friends and family). Thousands gathered on the steps of the capital with a united cry. A cry for equality, a cry for justice, and a cry for unity.

I brought along a sign with me that read, "The GOD I believe in doesn't promote HATE." My partner, Justin, brought a sign that said, "Our agenda- love and equality." And we were joined by several straight friends.

I am truly blessed to be surrounded by individuals that possess such warmth. And I truly feel sorry for those who wish to persecute others. I can't imagine how empty it must feel... grasping at such desperate straws.

Their boogeyman is out of the closet... and it ain't goin back in.