Minnesota Liberal

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Crazy Midterms Before Spring Break

You might wonder why I haven't posted for the last couple days. I work 40 hours a week at the front desk of a hotel, 20 hours a week as an intern for the DFL, and attend the University of Minnesota- Journalism School full-time (16 credits). So when every class I take (5 in all) have assignments due... I start to get a little flustered.

Why are my evil professors doing this to me right now? Well, it is that wondrous week before "Spring Break" where every teacher decides to drop some kind of bomb on his/her students. As of this hour, I am studying for a test in Biogeography of the Global Garden, finishing an assignment for College Algebra, and preparing to write a short case study analysis for my Strategic Communications Campaigns class. And did I mention that I am also working at my hotel right now as well. *Multi-tasking is so much fun*

All of these assignments are due tomorrow (I can just hear you scoffing at my procrastination). Even better, I also have a midterm in my Visual Communications course on Thursday and I am about 200 pages behind in the readings. I should be able to catch up before the test, but it sure gets a fire lit under my a**.

I will try and write about something a little more important to what goes on in ALL of our lives tomorrow (like how stupid Bush's political commercials are, or how wonderful it is that Kerry is destroying Bush in the polls). Until then, pity me.