Minnesota Liberal

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Kill the messenger!

Apparently the Minnesota GOP Party doesn't like the Minneapolis Star Tribune's political polling.

They are telling the Star Trib to fire their pollster and hire someone else. Which of course makes sense because they don't bias all their information and sampling methods.

Just another example of the GOP's slime tactics. If you are not one of them... you are EVIL. Or an Angry Democrat. Well damn right we are angry. They have taken over our political system and put our country into chaos.

And if they want to play "gotcha games" with cameras... here is a fine example of the Republicans in this state.

This is the truck that was driving around near the Minnesota State Fair grounds. Until the driver was arrested. The truck is sponsored by Minnesota Citizens for the Defense of Marriage. If you go check out there events page, they were at the AM1280 The Patriot's state fair booth getting people to sign petitions for a constitutional ban on gay marriage. The Patriot broadcast the Savage Nation- a program hosted by a man that has said he wants gays to get AIDS and die. This is a radio station that is frequented by the Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty and U.S. Senator Norm Coleman.

This photo is Coleman with the right wing Northern Alliance bloggers at The Patriot booth at the state fair. And congrats to those bloggers. They have officially made themselves trivial. Check out their ongoing debate over the Bush National Guard memos at the Powerline blog. Continue if you want guys... but you still have not come up with any evidence that shows Bush fulfilled his Guard duties. Your leader was AWOL.