Minnesota Liberal

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Post-Election Stress Disorder

I have read so many conservative blogs today criticizing us lefties of complaining, being bitter, and angry about this loss to President Bush. I will conceed to being all of the above. I also admit that there seems to be more conservatives in this country than I had imagined. Their voices apparently outnumber those such as my own.

And maybe George W. Bush does best represent those 51%.

But he must also represent me; and the similar 48% of our population.

Politics, like religion, is often taken very personally. I woke up this morning afraid of what the election of people like Bush, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, and Jim DeMint of South Carolina could mean for my personal rights as a gay man. I woke up frightened that those 11 states that passed gay-marriage bans were representative of this country as a whole. And I worried about what that would mean for the family I hope to one day create with my partner.

I believe those politicians have every right to their beliefs. I believe every voter in those 11 states had the right to that opinion. And I don't believe that that they are evil, mean, or anti-American. It is the diversity of opinions that make this country so strong.

And no matter what those politicians that I disagree with do... I still have my freedom of speech as well. Sometimes it is angry, or full of rage... and sometimes it is not. Isn't this country great?